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A Cheaper MacBook Pro is on Its Way – Apple Will launch Latter This Year 2018

From a long time Apple Inc. (AAPL) has not bring any news with computers, Now they make it. KGI Security Analyst confirm Apple is planning new cheaper Macbook Pro, and will release latter 2018. Also they break some more news about new iPhone and iPad. Ming-Chi Kuo a analyst from KGI Securities offer new supply and demand chain for Airpods and another new iPhone this year. He is saying Apple also planing to launch a new and cheaper MacBook Pro this year. It will be more less in price and compete in affordability with other laptops in market.

“with a lower price tag” in second quarter of 2018, its means we will get new cheaper MacBook Pro in hands from September 2018. KGI Security Analyst also claim that this initiate will boost Apple shipment 10% to 15% in 2018. We congratulate them on this brave move, no doubt Apple MacBook is brand considering gadget in market. With Cheaper Price MackBook will get more accessible for new buyers and they will be in millions.

Meanwhile Apple is selling 13′ Inch Mackbook Pro with $1k price hag, although MacBook Air is still firs choice for student. Apple doesn’t look on MacBook Air as there i no change in shape and price coming next. But With MacBook Pro Apple considering 12′ Inch machine with cheaper price tag.

People response to this News hilariously, many feeling that it may be less in quality again as Apple did with iPhone 5. Users disusing on Twitter:
 92% of the Macbook Pro? Sorry, this will kill all Macbook Pro sales” 

Another Apple user discuss with his expertise:
Have a Look at the  old 2010 MacBook Pro versus the 2010 MacBook. The difference was basically GPU, firewire and the aluminum case. That’s it. Same CPU, same bus speed, same display, same size, same i/o. They sold a zillion of each

We conclude this News as good effort by Apple to reduce its price. Hopefully it will help to increase Apple Shipment and they planing this for business. But people want to get subsidies as higher prices make it out of range.

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