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Made in China “WeChat” Achived 1 Billion User Mile Stone

Chines Number 1 multi-purpose Social Media App now has 1 Billion Users all over the globe. WeChat increasing popularity in terms of active user as compare to Facebook and WhatsApp. It was release by Chines developer in 2011 and now in 2018, WeChat become worlds largest standalone app that has 1 Billion active user in single month. Can you believe it a china base app got more active user and beat Facebook ad Whatsapp in active follower race.

Many readers may not have heard about WeChat as it is China base Multi-purpose Social Media Network, not very popular outside china. Let see the other stats how it can be huge competitor for Facebook And Whatsapp.

WeChat Stats:

It is recorded 38 billion texts sent daily on Wechat. From outside China, the app has deep roots in Euope, US and Southeast Asia. And these market are full with potential on Social media activities. In a recent report from Tencent from last filling September it growth increase by 15.8% annually.
The app not just relay on Messing or video call, it give your other entertainment like mini-games, ride hailing service, online food order and other useful public approachable apps.The more secure and hilarious feature is you can get banking service in China by WeChat. That means in China you just need to install single app in smart phone and enjoy all the latest online facilities by them.

WeChat ID Card Replacment:

We can call it WeChat era in China, as it is going to replace Electronic ID card. WeChat got subsidy by the government since it released in 2011, and WeChat accepted reality that officials censor and monitor users. By this Social media China government have an eye on social activities and censorship problem all over the country.

As China has strict state policy on censorship, some foreign Social media and messing apps are totally banned and other partially restricted. WeChat get benefits from state policies. No doubt they Rule all over china and increasing popularity day by day.


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