Denmark to Invest in Vaccinating Kids against HPV

Demark’s health and children’s ministries have launched health program to vaccinate kinds in country against HPV dreaded disease. Under this health program govt. will offer free HPV vaccines along with influenza vaccines to youths in the country.  The Ministry for Health and the Elderly published a press release on its official website announcing the program on Thursday.

The proposed program is design to make immunization program more effective by offering free HPV vaccines to the boys aged 12 years in the country. Under this program boy aged 12 years will be given HPV vaccines on the same terms as girls.

The Ministry of Health and the Elderly published press release on the official website this Thursday giving all the details of upcoming vaccinating program.

The Minister of Health Ellen Trane Nørby said “When we as parents vaccinate our children, we probably do so first and foremost to protect the individual child. But at the same time we are helping to prevent serious infectious diseases from spreading as epidemics amongst the population, reaching those who are too small or weak to be vaccinated themselves”.

Further Minister added “We are not doing this for fun – vaccines save lives every year”.

“Parents have a major responsibility for vaccinating their children. For somebody, a reminder is what others need more information. Therefore, we have spent money on more information for the parents who can be used in day-care services to enter into dialogue with parents about childhood vaccination. This may be done by getting a healthcare provider to attend a parent meeting to give the parents more knowledge about vaccinations, “says Minister of Children and Social Affairs, Mai Mercado in the official press release.

Historically Denmark recorded high incident of cervical cancer, according to the statistics 31 cancer incidents were found among 100,000 people.  Cancer screening and vaccination program helped country to bring risk incident to 10 per 100,000.

The vaccination program is very helpful in the country to bring down risk of cancer among population. The HPV-vaccination programs run by agencies are highly appreciated new tool to control cervical cancer in Denmark. The HPV-vaccine cost was very high in 2006 in Denmark market, but now through this free HPV vaccination program children’s aged 12 years will be benefited very well. Through this program govt. is aiming to reduce cancer risks among youths and improve overall health of society.

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