Apple September 12 event: Apple introduced Dual-SIM iPhones, iPhone XS – iPhone XC – iPhone XS Plus/ iPhone XS Max

Apple released three phones in September, 12 events.  Apple released these iPhone models with the Dual-SIM supports. It is one of the most exciting additions of the Apple iPhone model in the history. Until now Apple iPhone is supporting one SIM card only, while most of the Android phone these days supports Dual-SIM.  This might be a game changer in the already saturated Mobile market.

With the introduction of Dual-SIM iPhone by Apple, users of new iPhone devices will be able to run two SIM in their phone. These days most of the people have more than one SIM numbers due to various reasons.

While international travel you can use one main SIM and another local SIM to avoid high data cost on international travel.

There was an image posted on the Weibo website which was spotted by Tech Carving technology

As expected Apple released 3 models of iPhone in September 12 event, these phones are named as iPhone XS – iPhone XC – iPhone XS Plus/ iPhone XS Max.

All these iPhone models are dual SIM where Apple followed another approach. Apple engineered to one nano-SIM card and paired it with the embedded SIM (eSIM) to achieve dual SIM functionality in the iPhone latest models.

There are the telecom operations which supports e-SIM:

  • AT&T: United States
  • T-Mobile: United States (T-Mobile USA), Austria, Czech Republic, Germany (Telekom)
  • Verizon: United States
  • Airtel: India
  • Bell: Canada
  • EE: United Kingdom
  • Hrvatski Telekom: Croatia
  • Magyar Telekom: Hungary
  • Reliance Jio: India
  • Vodafone: Germany, Spain (Vodafone Spain)

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