A Warm opening of aquaman promises a future for DC; Aquaman expected to make $60 million in first weekend

DC Films is returning with a bang with its latest superhero block buster Aquaman. Directed by James Wan this movie is promising a nice opening of around $ 40 – $60 million in its weekend.
It would be in the group of its competitor Marvel Comics 2011’s blockbuster Captain America: The first Avenger which bagged $ 65.1 million , 2003’s Hulk ($62.1 ) million of few others.

DC comics which was earlier criticised for its Dark theme movies lost a lot of its fans. Their last movie Justice League also wasn’t such appreciated among general public thus with Aquaman: DC comics has lots of hope to revive its long lots fan following.

The movie is going to hit in the box office this Christmas and is expected to be top option for movie goers over coming holiday break . The road would not be so smooth as it would be competing with SONY pictures Animation’s Spiderman : into Spider verse , Disney’s live action family –friendly musical mary Poppins Returns and Paremount’s Trans-former spin off Bumblebee. Spider man & Bumblebee are already famous among peers and can create a problem for Aquaman.

Whatever the figures may be, this fall viewers are going to see nice amount of action going on in box-office. James wan who has given many famous movies such as the horror series saw, thus Auaman is promising a get a good response which is also forecasted by many reviewers.
With the grooming success , aquaman has created a new range of tracking project. The unexpected success of trailer acquaint a new rules that will be difficult to break by any other movie. The project of Warner Bros and DC films has established a greatest record with the estimated $ 40 – $ 60 million in its first latest opening .

After the first captain America in 2011, The First Avenger with a success of $ 62.1 million, Hulk of 2003 with a range of $62.1 million, The amazing Spider – Man of 2007 $ 62 million, Fantastic Four: Rise of the silver Surfer with success of $ 58.1 and the Antman of 2015 with $57.2 million has created a unexpected record.

If the trail of Aquaman has come up with grand opening and if its success wil be less than $60 million then it will come under the range of Green Lantem $ 52.5 million of 2011, Superman Returns $ 52.5 million of 2006, 2005 of Superman Returns $ 48.7 million and Daredevil of 2003 $ 40.3 million.

The Aquaman is releasing in November 2018.

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