Foldable Phone by Samsung officially announced at San Francisco fifth annual developers conference

Samsung officially announced much awaited Foldable Smartphone at its San Francisco fifth annual developers’ conference. Phone is designed in such a way that it can be used as tablet when unfolded and when folded is can be used as phone. Phone screen size is 7.3-inches when unfolded and its size is 4.6 in folded state. Company is expected to mass produce this phone in few months. Company said that the phone design is not final and it may change before final release. There is no word about the price and other specs of this phone.

DJ Koh, President and CEO of IT and Mobile Communications Division, Samsung Electronics said “We have achieved significant advancements in AI and IoT, which will be crucial to bringing our connected living vision to life.”

According to Koh, this phone will lay the foundation of new mobile experience among the mobile phone users. Company is excited to work with the developers around the world to create application for this phone which will add value to it. Samsung is working with the developer to create a new value for customers.

The Company named its new display technology “Infinity Flex Display” to used with the phone and it is designed in such a way that its quality does not degrade due folding/unfolding of screen.

Samsung foldable phone specification as per the release we know shown far:

When phone is folded:

  • It’s Screen size becomes 4.5 inches
  • And the Screen resolution in this size is 840×1960 pixels

When phone is unfolded it becomes tablet with following specs:

  • In tablet format its screen size is 7.3 inches
  • The Screen resolution 1536×2152 pixels for tablet size

This specification is good for game users as they can play the game very well in the tablet mode.

At the conference company also opened voice-based assistant Bixby, which is essentially an AI based voice assistant application created by Samsung. Developer will be able to use this API to make functionalities for the Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant. As of now voice-based assistant Bixby supports many devices including fridge and TVs. This will enable developers to create intelligent applications for their users.

During conference Samsung also opened its Bixby Developer Studio, an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), to developers. Now developers all the over the world will be able to use this application development tool to create applications.

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