PUBG for PS4 release Date: PUBG PS4 Release Date leaked online; check when PUBG PS4 is releasing?

As per the rumors and various leaks online, the PlayStation 4(PS4) is expected to release on December 8, 2018. There was a listing on the Amazon website which uncovered the release date of PS4 device, but later on the post was removed from the Amazon website. Now it is clear that in near future PUBG will be released for PS4 devices.

Earlier there has been some indication about the release of PUBG game for PlayStation 4. Some leaks earlier provided clue about recent release of this game for PS4 device. Now with the post on the Amazon it is confirmed. Later on Amazon PUBG post was deleted later on from its website.

Gamers around the world are eagerly waiting for PS4 version of world famous PUBG game. Recently PUBG released update for their game which adds new features and many bug fixes. Now it is expected to be available for PS4 devices in recent future.

There have been many reports about appearance of PUBG game icon on the PlayStation 4. Many people reported that the PUBG icon appeared on the PlayStation server, which given indication about its availability very soon.

Recently one of the Korean Game Board company tested PS4 on their system, its hot news for the gamers around the world.

If we see about the date of expected release, the date 08 December is just after 2 days after The Game Awards 2018. So, it’s likely that company will release game for PS4 on this day.

But there is no official information about PUBG for PS4 from the company, so the release could be surprising event by company.

The PUBG game has been very successful on the Xbox One, Mobile and PC, so now this game is coming to PS 4 and we have see its performance here.

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