Samsung Galaxy F foldable phone video accidently goes online

Ahead of February 20th first preview press conference event, Samsung Galaxy F foldable phone video leaked online accidently. This leak is a huge leak which shows the detailed information about upcoming Samsung Galaxy F foldable phone, which is scheduled to be displayed in an event on 20 February 2019.

Earlier also we have seen video leaks of Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+, but this leak is huge in the form of 1 minute video on Youtube. These videos seem to be showed in the upcoming event. We are expecting more images and videos of Samsung Galaxy F foldable phone in coming days.

People are more exciting about this phone as its going to be the first foldable phone in market. In the folded mode this phone can be used as simple smart phone. But in the unfolded it looks like tablet and can be used as tablet to play games, watch videos etc… Foldable phone is going to provide new experience to the Smartphone users around the world. Such phone is good for gamers and video lovers.

This video is available on Youtube video website and you can view complete details of this phone in 1 minute video.

Samsung is the first company to release Foldable Phone in market. Company is going to show this phone in a press conference which is scheduled to be held on 20th February.


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