Yorha: Nier’s game designer, Yoko Taro is making a Nier-themed Final Fantasy 14 raid

Game director Naoki Yoshida revealing the new raid, this new raid will arrive after new expansion called Shadowbringers. In a video published online Game director Naoki Yoshida is revealing the new game.

This was announced at Final Fantasy 14 fan festival in Paris. The game designer Nier announced to create several games which will be coming in FF14’s next expansion. These games are being developed by Nier’s game designer, Yoko Taro, and Dragon Quest producer Yosuke Saito.

This is officially called Yorha: The Dark Apocalypse, which will be directed by Nier’s Automata. Though more details about these are still not reviled by game designer.

The Yorha: The Dark Apocalypse is new alliance raids in Shadowbringers and this is a special kind of raid in which three teams of 24 will raid together. This is designed for dramatic and fun for gamers. The Final Fantasy 14 will have more fun as compared to previous Final Fantasy 12.

The upcoming Yorha: The Dark Apocalypse will be well fit the FF14 mythos, still there is not details about the release date of Yorha.
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The Yorha is an elite military force of androids charged by the Council of Humanity. The elite military force will be fighting with the invading aliens and their Machine Lifeforms. In this game the elite military are stationed on the thirteenth orbital base, known as the Bunker. The military are  constantly fighting with invading aliens to reclaim Earth for to the human race.

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