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Appspotr expands with Zapier integration

Opening new ways to automate workflows and have more time for what matters most—no code required.

Appspotr is pleased to announce that it has completed its integration with Zapier, a leading task and product automation platform which allows non-technical Appspotr customers to easily use the Appspotr platform with Zapier, even if they cannot code.

This integration enables users of the Appspotr platform to automate workflows by seamlessly connecting Appspotr with over 5,000 other platforms, apps, and tools. Uses include adding datasets, adding dataset items, updating dataset items, and deleting dataset items automatically when certain tasks and functions are performed through either Appspotr itself or any other app available in Zapier.

For instance, you can create an app that updates a Google Sheet and vice versa, a CRM that takes entries from an App and vice versa – You can easily automate all these functions and workflows by using your Appspotr app or the third-party app as a Trigger or an Action according to your requirement.

There are several customer benefits to the new Appspotr and Zapier partnership:

Flexibility: Appspotr users can integrate with over 5,000 apps and customize built-in apps to create curated automated workflows that support their exact requirements.

Security: Zapier is trusted by millions of customers around the globe to securely transfer and sync data across apps to get work done, with globally distributed site reliability engineers and security teams on-call 24/7.

Time-saving: Appspotr users can automate workflows in minutes and save time on manual event creation, logic building, and navigating processes that previously took a long time to complete.

Cost-effectiveness: Users save money by efficiently creating the workflows needed to automate tasks.

To find out more about Appspotr in Zapier visit:

Comment from CEO, Appspotr Patric Bottne:

– We are proud to be able to present the opportunity for our customers to work with Zapier to automate process flows in apps built with Appspotr 3. We already have a strong integration tool in Appspotr 3 where it is possible to quickly and easily integrate apps with rest APIs . The integration with Zapier is a further extension of the possibilities around integrations in Appspotr 3. We see integrations as a strategic key function in low code solutions. Appspotr’s integration with Zapier means we work seamlessly with all the most important business systems and digital services in the world – all at once. We not only simplify app development, but also simplify business processes and reduce the need for IT investments and management through the opportunities we offer with integrations. It feels exciting that we continue to increase the capabilities of our platform and extra exciting that we also reach a customer base of several million users in Zapier to process to become Appspotr 3 customers.

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