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FDA Infant Formula Update: August 5, 2022

Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is providing an update on additional steps it has taken that will lead to more infant formula available in the U.S. under the agency’s recent increased flexibilities.

Company (Product Origin): Nestlé Health Science (The Netherlands)

Product(s): Nestlé SMA Nutrition Althéra 

Type of Formula: Specialty – Hypoallergenic, Extensively Hydrolyzed Formula for the dietary management of infants with cow’s milk protein allergy (CMPA) and/or multiple food allergies.

Estimated Quantity: 37,500 cans (about 33,000 pounds or about 495,000 full-size, 8-ounce bottles)

Availability: The product is expected to be available in August 2022.

More Information and Where to Find the Products: SMA Nutrition Althéra is intended for use under medical supervision. SMA Nutrition Althéra is a hypoallergenic, whey protein-based extensively hydrolyzed powdered formula intended for the dietary management of cow’s milk protein allergy and/or multiple food allergies. It is nutritionally complete and suitable from birth or for supplementary feeding from 6 months up to 3 years of age. Not suitable for galactosemia, glucose-galactose malabsorption, or lactose intolerance. It will be available for purchase online through the Nestlé Nutrition store at

The FDA is exercising enforcement discretion for the importation of the infant formula products listed above following the review of information provided pertaining to nutritional adequacy and safety, including microbiological testing, labeling and additional information about facility production and inspection history. 

The agency is leveraging a number of flexibilities to bolster the supply of products that serve as the sole source of nutrition for many infants while ensuring the infant formula can be used safely and provides adequate nutrition. The FDA remains in further discussions with manufacturers and suppliers regarding additional supply to ensure there’s adequate infant formula available wherever and whenever parents and caregivers need it.

The FDA issued guidance on May 16 that outlined a process by which the agency would not object to the importation of certain infant formula products intended for a foreign market or distribution in the U.S. of products manufactured here for export to foreign countries. This guidance also may provide flexibilities to those who manufacture infant formula products domestically and may be able to further increase the quantity of domestically-produced product for the U.S. market. The agency has posted a webpage that will be updated with information about additional products headed to the U.S.

Ongoing FDA Steps to Increase Availability of Safe, Nutritious Infant Formula

The agency’s around-the-clock work as part of the all-of-government efforts has already begun to improve supply and availability. The agency expects that the measures and steps it is taking, and the resumption of production at the Abbott Nutrition’s Sturgis, Mich., facility, will mean more and more supply is on the way or on store shelves moving forward. 

The FDA continues to advise against making infant formulas at home or diluting formula. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to work with their child’s health care provider for recommendations on changing feeding practices, if needed. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services also has additional information available at, including information to help families find infant formula.

The agency also monitors online marketplaces for fraudulent products and works with major online retailers to remove violative and harmful products offered for sale on their sites. Additionally, since many of these fraudulent products originate overseas, the agency targets and examines these products at ports of entry. The FDA also monitors and follows up on various external signals such as consumer complaints about potential counterfeit and fraudulent products.

The FDA will continue to dedicate all available resources to help ensure that safe and nutritious infant formula products remain available for use in the U.S. and will keep the public informed of progress updates.

Additional Information:

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