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Wallenstam builds 169 rental apartments in Nacka

Today Wallenstam is starting the new construction of the classic 1920s block Nacka Grace. Right in the heart of central Nacka, which is now under full development, Wallenstam is providing 169 rental apartments and 12 new commercial premises. Today Wallenstam’s Vice CEO Mathias Aronsson and the Chairman of the Municipal Executive Board in Nacka Mats Gerdau together participated in the groundbreaking ceremony for the new construction project.

“It feels great and really nice that we are now starting the new construction of Nacka Grace and that we are providing fine new rental apartments in a block with exciting and different architecture in the heart of Central Nacka. We want to create a wonderful mix of apartments and businesses and contribute to an urban environment that contains great contrasts and variations,” says Mathias Aronsson, Vice CEO and Regional Director of Wallenstam in Stockholm/Uppsala.

Wallenstam’s Nacka Grace block will be built in a classic 1920s design along Nya Gatan in Central Nacka. The new construction will include 12 stairwells with a total of 169 rental apartments and 12 commercial premises in the ground floors. Bright colors and carefully selected material choices will characterize the block, which will encircle a pleasant common courtyard.

The new district is taking shape in the most central location in Nacka, close to both the tranquility of nature and the pulse of the city. The new blocks, streets and squares with 6,000 apartments and 7,000 workspaces in total will be developed here in stages together with a city park, cafés, restaurants, schools, retail space and hotels.

“We want to create an innovative district in central Nacka through a “Naturban” concept where nature and the urban meet and where each block is different from the other. We are very happy to welcome the construction of this beautiful classical building, one of the few buildings of this kind in Sweden.  Wallenstam’s Nacka Grace will contribute great qualities to Nacka. It has all the prerequisites to become a highly regarded block, both among Nacka residents in general and among those who will live here,” says Mats Gerdau, Chairman of the Municipal Executive Board in Nacka Municipality.

The apartments in Nacka Grace will range in size from studio – 3 bedroom apartments. Half of the apartments will be allocated through Wallenstam’s cost-free housing queue and half through Stockholm Housing Agency.

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