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UK PM visits Ukraine, pledges $63.5 million in additional military aid

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson pledged additional military aid to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at a meeting in Kyiv on Thursday. It will be Johnson’s last visit to Ukraine as British prime minister, who will retire next month.

Thursday marks just six months since the start of the Russian invasion and also marks Ukraine’s 31st independence day from the former Soviet Union.

The UK Prime Minister’s Office said the extra aid would be worth £54 million ($63.5 million) and would include 2,000 drones and Loitering ammunition.

At a joint press conference after the talks, Johnson praised Ukraine’s “unyielding” resistance to Russian aggression and said now was not the time to pursue “a fragile (truce) negotiating plan”.

“If Putin succeeds, the countries around Russia will not be safe,” he said, adding that while the war in Ukraine will hurt some consumers, rising energy and food prices will hurt Europe. He called for continued military and economic assistance.

President Zelensky also thanked Prime Minister Johnson for Britain’s full support for Ukraine, stressing the importance of Ukraine and the West avoiding Russia gaining momentum in the war.

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