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Baillie Lodges Acquires Majority Share in Tierra Hotels, Expands to South America

Baillie Lodges has acquired a majority share of Tierra Hotels. Tierra Hotels is Chile’s business with a portfolio of experiential luxury lodges in three of South America’s destinations.

Tierra has luxury lodges in major sites including the Tierra Patagonia which lies alongside craggy mountains and glistening glacial Lake Sarmiento in Torres del Paine Park. Its 2nd resort is at height in the norther desert of Chile. 3rd destination is Tierra Chiloe which lies in verdant pastures and dramatic coastline on Chiloé Island.

Existing Portfolio of Properties

The acquisition of the majority share of Tierra Hotels by Baillie Lodges has added more properties to its existing portfolio of Australia, New Zealand, and Canada properties. The acquisition has expanded Baillie Lodges’ base as a global experiential luxury lodging brand.

After the acquisition, the company is going to operate 10 extraordinary lodges in highly attractive destinations.

Baillie Loges team and Tierra Hotels founder Miguel Purcell had a long collaboration which turned into a Partnership on August 27. Miguel Purcell will retain an ownership stake in the portfolio of properties. While 3 properties will stay as Tierra Hotels branding.

Baillie Lodges New Investments

Baillie Lodges along with Tierra Hotels will now provide customers further access to natural attractions in valuable locations. The company is aimed to provide culturally rich experiences and intimate lodges by catering to a small number of guests and placing architectural and interior design at the forefront.

Baillie Lodges as a separate entity has plans to invest in Tierra properties by focusing on their unique market position as pre-eminent boutique hotels in Chile. The company will expand the Tierra hotel platform through several acquisitions and by developing a new greenfield.


Founder of Tierra Hotels, Mr. Purcell said, “We are delighted to work with the Baillie Lodges team.” Further added, “We both take a personal approach to hospitality, customizing unique and enriching experiences for guests who are looking to explore the world in a meaningful, sustainable way.”

Baillie Lodges Executive Chairman Michael Moret-Lalli commented, “This partnership is a natural fit for our companies and teams, and we look forward to sharing these wonderful new properties and experiences with our guests.”

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