Nothing could be more appropriate right now

Nothing could be more appropriate right now

In the midst of a difficult world, it’s almost Christmas again. But there are gifts that also give hope to those who are in need at this very moment. One such example is the special edition of the NOMOS classic Tangente 38: Created in cooperation with Doctors Without Borders, it ensures better times—both for the recipient as well as for people in need.

Five reasons for the watch with the red twelve:

  • A watch for life—in more ways than one! Both for the wearer as well as to improve the lives of persons who are in need. 100 euro from the sale of this watch—created by NOMOS Glashütte to celebrate 50 years of Doctors Without Borders—will go directly to the Nobel Prize-winning emergency relief organization. It pays for medicines, operations, special high-calorie nutrition for malnourished children, as well as bandages and medical supplies. In Ukraine, Syria, Yemen and crisis areas around the world.
  • This watch is sustainable, but not just because it is hand-made in our manufacture in Glashütte. But also because it is durable and repairable. This minimizes our carbon footprint and reduces consumption.
  • Tangente 38 – 50 ans de Médecins Sans Frontières is an energy-saving model—and requires no toxic batteries: The little bit of energy that the watch needs to tell the time is supplied to the caliber by hand, by rotating the crown to wind up the watch.
  • This watch stands for tolerance and worldliness. Not just because this is what German Bauhaus stood for, according to whose rules this watch was designed and built—and what its design unmistakably expresses. But also because NOMOS Glashütte exemplifies these values and demonstrates its convictions as a company.
  • With a vertical range of manufacture of up to 95 percent, the Glashütte movement was manufactured at NOMOS in Glashütte: Small and microscopic parts are manufactured in-house. Strict rules apply to raw materials and the few items that NOMOS Glashütte purchases from third parties. A supplier code guarantees that its sources also work in a socially and environmentally responsible manner for NOMOS Glashütte.

The bottom line: It takes little steps to make a big difference, and anyone who gives this watch as a gift is taking a small step to helping the world.

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