Is Helix Studios Available on Android TV

Is Helix Studios Available on Android TV?

In today’s digital age, streaming platforms have gained immense popularity, providing viewers with a vast array of entertainment options. Helix Studios, known for its high-quality adult content, has garnered a substantial following. If you’re an Android TV user and wondering, “Is Helix Studios available on Android TV?” you’ve come to the right place. In this…

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Nomura Expands Greentech Division to Capture Mobility and Automotive Market

Nomura, the prominent Japanese investment bank, has made strategic moves to strengthen its coverage of the mobility and automotive sectors in Europe and the United States. The bank has hired two seasoned investment bankers to lead its efforts, aiming to tap into the burgeoning opportunities presented by the sustainability-focused Greentech division. As the industry undergoes…

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SSAB and Cargotec Introduce Fossil Carbon Emission-Free Steel for Cargo and Load Handling Industry

Two industry giants, SSAB and Cargotec, have joined forces to reduce climate impact in cargo and load handling solutions. They have recently announced the introduction of SSAB Zero™, a fossil carbon emission-free recycled steel, to be used in Cargotec’s products starting this year. This marks a significant milestone in the efforts to reduce carbon footprints…

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Lindab Expands its Ventilation Empire by Acquiring European Leader Firmac Ltd

Introduction: A Major Move in the Ventilation Industry Swedish company Lindab has made a significant acquisition, absorbing the British company Firmac Ltd. This move positions Lindab as a dominant force in the ventilation industry, as they now lead in both circular and rectangular ventilation duct manufacturing. This article explores the implications of this acquisition for…

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SLP Signs Agreement with Beulco Group for Lease Extension and Expansion

Swedish real estate firm SLP has signed an agreement with the Beulco Group, extending and expanding the existing lease for properties in Helsingborg. The family-owned company, Beulco Holding, has operated in the properties since 1988. The extension includes a new construction of approximately 1,000 square meters, increasing the total lettable area to 5,300 square meters….

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Bactiguard’s Launch of Wound Care Product Range in UK and Ireland

Infection prevention solutions provider Bactiguard has collaborated with Quintess Medical and GS Medical to launch its wound care products in the UK and Ireland. The company’s wound care range includes biocompatible and effective wound care products that are pH-neutral and support an improved wound healing process. The Bactiguard product line is also environmentally friendly and…

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