Google’s Foldable Journey: The Unveiling of Pixel Fold and the Cancelled First Iteration

Google's Foldable Journey The Unveiling of Pixel Fold and the Cancelled First Iteration

Google Pixel Fold Hits the Market, Revealing Insights on Cancelled Foldable


After months of speculation and anticipation, Google has finally unveiled its highly awaited foldable device, the Google Pixel Fold, during the I/O 2023 event. With a retail release scheduled for June, the Pixel Fold has managed to generate significant buzz despite its hefty price tag of $1,800. However, in a surprising revelation during a recent episode of the Made by Google podcast, Ivy Ross, Google’s head of design for hardware products, disclosed that the company had actually been working on another foldable model, which was ultimately cancelled due to its subpar design. Let’s delve into the details and discover Google’s journey towards perfecting the foldable technology.


The Decision to Hold Back: Creating a Better Foldable Experience

Google’s Commitment to Quality and Innovation


Google’s ambitious foray into the world of foldable smartphones has not been without its challenges. Rumors of the company working on multiple foldable devices had been circulating, but leaks had only surfaced regarding the Pixel Fold. As it turns out, Ivy Ross and his team made a conscious decision not to proceed with the first foldable iteration due to design concerns. Rather than releasing a half-baked product, Google’s design team chose to exercise discipline and wait until they could deliver something that was on par with or even better than the competition.


Insights from Ivy Ross: The Cancelled First Iteration

Designing for Perfection: The Unveiled Secrets


In an intriguing twist, Ivy Ross revealed details about the canceled first foldable model during the Made by Google podcast. With immense pride, he shared that the team had indeed created another foldable device, but they recognized that it fell short of their quality standards. Ross emphasized their commitment to excellence by stating, “We had the discipline to hold back and say ‘nope, it’s not good enough yet,’ and really wait until we felt like we could do something that was good enough or better than what was out there already.”


The Mysterious “Pipit”: A Glimpse into the Cancelled Foldable

Codenamed Pipit: A Glimmer of the Unreleased


Back in January 2022, an intriguing rumor emerged regarding Google’s canceled foldable, codenamed “Pipit.” According to sources, this device was intended to feature the powerful Tensor GS101 chip, showcasing Google’s commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology. Furthermore, it was anticipated that the Pipit would launch alongside Android 12L, a version specifically optimized for big-screen devices and foldables. However, the release of both Pipit and Android 12L never came to fruition, leaving enthusiasts curious about what could have been.


Google’s Stand against Mediocrity: Competing with Samsung’s 2023 Foldables

A Battle for Foldable Dominance: Google vs. Samsung


As the Pixel Fold prepares to hit the market, all eyes are on Samsung’s upcoming foldable devices set to be unveiled in 2023. While Samsung’s foldables are expected to sport newer internals, Google is poised to provide strong competition with its focus on delivering a superior user experience. With the Pixel Fold’s innovative features and Google’s dedication to perfection, the tech giant is determined to give Samsung’s foldables a run for their money.


Listen to the Latest Made by Google Podcast for Exclusive Insights

Unveiling the Design Evolution of Pixel: Insider Perspectives


For those eager to dive deeper into the world of Google’s industrial design, the latest episode of the Made by Google podcast offers an exclusive opportunity. Google’s industrial design team engages in a candid discussion about the evolution of Pixel’s design. Notably, around the 17-minute mark, Ivy Ross shares fascinating insights into the canceled foldable, providing listeners with a unique behind-the-scenes glimpse.



Google’s foray into the realm of foldable smartphones has been a journey of dedication, innovation, and commitment to delivering an exceptional user experience. With the highly anticipated Pixel Fold making its way to retail stores soon, consumers are eagerly awaiting its arrival and the competition it will pose to Samsung’s 2023 foldables. Google’s decision to hold back the first foldable iteration exemplifies its unwavering commitment to excellence, ensuring that the final product lives up to the high standards set by the tech giant. As the foldable market continues to evolve, Google’s Pixel Fold stands poised to carve its place among the leading contenders in this exciting new frontier of smartphone technology.

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