Helena Strigård Joins Haeger & Carlsson as CEO to Spearhead Life Science Expansion in Nordic Market

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Breaking News: Helena Strigård Appointed CEO of Haeger & Carlsson

Expanding Horizons in Nordic Life Science Market

In a significant move within the realm of executive search and interim services, Haeger & Carlsson (H&C) proudly announces the appointment of Helena Strigård as their new Chief Executive Officer. The appointment reflects the company’s steadfast commitment to achieving paramount prominence within the life science sector in the Nordic region. Helena Strigård, equipped with a diverse and impressive professional background, is set to lead the charge in steering H&C’s ambitious expansion journey.

A Journey of Synergy and Growth

Haeger & Carlsson, a pioneering entity in the executive search and interim solutions sector, has been a proponent of cultivating alignment between individuals and organizations sharing common values and aspirations. This strategic approach has propelled the company into a position of eminence within the industry. The organization’s success can be attributed to their team of 12 individuals, each possessing profound insights from their respective roles in the life science field. This collaborative environment, coupled with a sense of camaraderie, solidified Helena Strigård’s decision to embark on this exciting venture.

The Vision of Helena Strigård

Helena Strigård’s proven track record in leadership roles lends itself seamlessly to her new role as CEO. Having previously served as the CEO of NorthX Biologics, a prominent pharmaceutical manufacturer, and as the CEO of SwedenBIO, an influential industry organization, she brings an unparalleled wealth of experience to the table. Helena’s leadership vision aligns closely with H&C’s aspiration to be a prominent force not only in executive search but also in fostering the growth of life science ventures in the Nordic landscape. Her extensive network, both domestically and internationally, is poised to drive the establishment of life science enterprises in the region.

Redefining Roles: Rolf Carlsson Assumes Chairmanship

With Helena’s entry as CEO, Rolf Carlsson, a co-founder of H&C alongside Gunilla Haeger, is set to take on a new role as the Chairman of the Board and business developer. This strategic realignment signifies the company’s forward-looking approach, channeling Rolf’s expertise into driving business development initiatives. The transition reflects the organization’s commitment to leveraging each team member’s strengths for mutual growth.

Innovations Beyond Conventional Bounds

Notably, H&C’s evolution transcends conventional boundaries, with the inclusion of Cilla Gylfe as a partner in 2021. This addition expanded their portfolio to encompass interim services alongside executive recruitment. The collaborative efforts of Helena Strigård and Cilla Gylfe are expected to amplify this expansion even further, creating a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the unique needs of the life science sector.

FAQs: Unveiling Key Insights

What is Helena Strigård’s background?

Helena Strigård’s illustrious career spans leadership roles as the CEO of NorthX Biologics and the CEO of SwedenBIO. Her extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and life science industry equips her well for her new role as CEO of H&C.

What is the significance of Rolf Carlsson’s new role?

Rolf Carlsson, co-founder of H&C, is transitioning to the role of Chairman of the Board and business developer. This move underscores the organization’s commitment to strategic growth and utilizing team members’ strengths optimally.

How has H&C expanded its services recently?

In 2021, Cilla Gylfe became a partner, leading to the expansion of H&C’s services to include both executive recruitment and interim solutions. The synergy between Helena Strigård and Cilla Gylfe is set to further amplify this diversification.

What differentiates H&C in the industry?

H&C’s success lies in their emphasis on shared values and goals, fostering strong relationships between individuals and organizations. Their team’s extensive expertise in life science and a collaborative atmosphere distinguish them in the industry.

When will Helena Strigård assume her new role?

Helena Strigård is poised to take over as CEO of H&C on November 1st. She has already become a partner in the company, signifying her commitment to the organization’s growth.

Conclusion: Forging a Promising Path

With Helena Strigård’s appointment as CEO, Haeger & Carlsson is poised to embark on a transformative journey in the Nordic life science market. Her dynamic leadership, coupled with the company’s focus on collaboration and innovation, sets the stage for a promising future. As the organization continues to redefine industry norms and extend its range of services, H&C stands on the cusp of becoming the unparalleled leader in executive search and interim solutions within the Nordic landscape.

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