How to block ads on your Android phone or tablet

How to block ads on your Android phone or tablet

To block ads on your Android phone or tablet, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Adjust your device settings:

    • Open the “Settings” app on your Android device.
    • Locate and tap on “Google” or “Google Settings.”
    • Tap on “Ads.”
    • Enable the option that says “Opt out of Ads Personalization.” This will prevent personalized ads based on your Google account activity.
  2. Use a web browser with ad-blocking features:

    • Install a web browser that supports ad-blocking, such as Brave Browser, Firefox with uBlock Origin, or Kiwi Browser.
    • Open the browser and go to its settings.
    • Look for the ad-blocking options and enable them. This may be referred to as “Ad-blocker,” “Content blocker,” or “Privacy settings.”
  3. Install ad-blocking apps:

    • There are several ad-blocking apps available on the Google Play Store, such as Blokada, AdGuard, or DNS66.
    • Open the Play Store and search for an ad-blocking app of your choice.
    • Install the app and follow the on-screen instructions for configuring it.
    • These apps work by creating a virtual private network (VPN) to block ads system-wide.
  4. Consider using a DNS-based ad-blocker:

    • Some apps like Blokada or AdGuard mentioned above also offer DNS-based ad-blocking functionality.
    • With DNS-based ad-blocking, you can block ads across all apps and browsers on your device.
    • Install the app and follow the instructions to set up DNS-based ad-blocking.
  5. Root your device (optional):

    • Rooting your Android device provides you with more control and customization options, including the ability to install powerful ad-blocking tools.
    • However, rooting your device voids the warranty, and it can be a complex process. It’s not recommended for inexperienced users.

Remember that ad-blockers may not be 100% effective, and some apps or websites may find ways to bypass them. Additionally, blocking ads on websites and apps can impact their revenue, which may affect the availability or quality of free content. Consider supporting content creators and websites you enjoy by whitelisting them if they provide the option.

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