HMH’s Technology Solutions Selected as Finalists for CODiE Awards

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Learning technology company HMH (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) has recently announced that several of its innovative educational solutions have been selected as finalists for the prestigious CODiE Awards. These awards, presented by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), recognize excellence in leading technology products and services within the education industry. HMH’s connected solutions, including Amira, Waggle, and Writable, along with their professional learning and K-12 ELA curriculum, have been acknowledged for their innovation, vision, and positive impact on teachers and students.


Empowering Teachers and Improving Student Outcomes:


HMH firmly believes in the transformative power of purposeful technology in education, and their inclusion as finalists for the CODiE Awards serves as validation for their commitment to empowering teachers and enhancing student outcomes. Jack Lynch, President and CEO of HMH, expresses his gratitude for the recognition, emphasizing the positive impact of their teams’ efforts. Being included on this year’s list by the SIIA community is an honor that showcases the effectiveness of HMH’s solutions.


Comprehensive and Connected Educational Solutions:


HMH’s ELA (English Language Arts) K-12 Connected Curriculum has been nominated in the “Best Suite of Connected/Integrated Solutions” category under the EdTech Leadership segment. This curriculum provides a comprehensive literacy solution for grades K-12, leveraging technology to automate grouping and differentiation, thereby extending the reach of teachers. Backed by research, HMH’s connected suite of solutions on their learning platform includes on-demand professional learning opportunities to cater to the needs of all educators. In addition to ELA, HMH also offers connected/integrated solutions for Math, Science, and Social Studies, which save teachers valuable time and drive student growth.


Supporting Teacher Professional Development:


Teacher Success Pathways + Teacher’s Corner® has been recognized as a finalist for the “Best Professional Development Solution” category. Teacher Success Pathways is a guided learning experience that combines live and on-demand support, providing teachers with unparalleled hands-on assistance. Accessible 24/7 on HMH’s connected learning platform, this resource offers interactive learning modules specific to each teacher’s programs. Working in conjunction with Teacher’s Corner, a searchable library available throughout the year, teachers gain easy access to real-world classroom videos, best practices, model-lesson videos, teacher tips, and interactive support.


Enhancing Reading and Writing Instruction:


Writable, nominated in the “Best Reading/Writing/Literature Instructional Solution for Grade 9 – 12” category, simplifies the process of incorporating writing into the 9-12 literacy classroom. By combining scaffolded prompts and on-demand feedback with relevant readings and media, Writable helps prepare students for college and beyond. Its AI-driven feedback engine offers instant guidance to students early in the writing process, while also expediting the grading process for educators.


Engaging Gamification for Learning:


Waggle® has been selected as a finalist in the “Best Gamification in Learning” category. Designed for grades K-8 in ELA and Math, Waggle goes beyond adaptive learning, providing personalized practice and instruction to support skills-diversity in in-class centers or independent practice. With Waggle, students engage in rich multimedia experiences and encounter various item types, preparing them for high-stakes testing while maintaining motivation to continue learning.


Science of Reading Foundation Skills:


Amira, nominated for the “Best Science of Reading Foundational Skills Solution” award, is an innovative voice AI-based reading tutor specifically designed for students in grades K-5. Amira offers a systematic and cumulative personalized solution that can be seamlessly integrated into any classroom during small group rotations, independent practice, and homework. By assessing, supporting, and reporting on students’ skills across key pillars covering all foundational skills, Amira aims to double students’ reading growth.


The Prestigious CODiE Awards:


Since 1986, the SIIA CODiE Awards have been recognizing thousands of software, education, information, and media products, as well as outstanding leaders and teams for achieving excellence. With its strong reputation as a peer-recognized program in the business and edtech industries, the CODiE Awards have become a symbol of distinction. The complete list of finalists for this year’s awards can be found on the SIIA website.




HMH’s selection as finalists for the CODiE Awards further reinforces their position as a leading learning technology company dedicated to improving education outcomes through innovative solutions. Their connected solutions, professional learning resources, and comprehensive curricula are designed to empower teachers and engage students, ensuring a dynamic and effective learning experience. By being recognized for their innovation, vision, and overall industry impact, HMH continues to demonstrate their commitment to excellence and the advancement of education through purposeful technology.

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