Green Steel Revolution: BE Group and SSAB Forge a Fossil-Free Future

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A Partnership for a Greener Tomorrow

BE Group, a premier steel service company, and SSAB, a global steelmaker, have joined forces to revolutionize the steel industry. Their mission is to identify and seize opportunities for fossil-free steel in key markets, particularly in the manufacturing and construction sectors. Their partnership will address BE Group customers’ technical, sustainability, and communication needs, as they prepare for a future dominated by fossil-free opportunities.


A Warm Welcome for a Fossil-Free Partner

SSAB Europe’s Sales Director, Lotta Ruottinen, expressed her delight at BE Group Oy’s entry as a fossil-free steel partner. She emphasized that the partnership would contribute to a fossil-free value chain for the Finnish market, thus reducing CO2 emissions significantly. The collaboration symbolizes a significant stride towards a greener future, showcasing both companies’ commitment to sustainable operations.


BE Group’s Green Expansion

BE Group’s CEO, Peter Andersson, reiterated their focus on expanding their offering within fossil-free steel across all their markets. Through their Finnish subsidiary, BE Group Oy Ab, they plan to offer SSAB’s fossil-free steel to their customers in Finland. This initiative aligns with their sustainability goals, empowering their customers to differentiate their products from the competition and contribute to a sustainable future.


Long-Term Commitment to Fossil-Free Steel

SSAB and BE Group’s partnership is rooted in a long-term perspective. They aim to help BE customers better understand how to position and market their end products using premium fossil-free steel grades. This collaboration also provides stability to BE Group customers as they transition towards building fossil-free end products, while aiding SSAB in better planning its upcoming production runs for specific grades of fossil-free steels​1​​2​​3​​4​​5​​6​​7​​8​.


Gearing Up for 2026

As 2026 approaches, SSAB’s fossil-free steel production is set to ramp up, and BE Group’s fossil-free transportation and other sustainability programs are expected to come online. This positions BE Group uniquely to offer life cycle assessment (LCA) solutions to their customers, creating a sustainable value chain from production to end product.


A Revolution in Steelmaking

SSAB has ambitious plans to transform the entire steelmaking process. They aim to deliver fossil-free steel at a commercial scale by 2026 and substantially reduce carbon dioxide emissions from their operations around 2030. As part of the HYBRIT initiative, SSAB, along with iron ore producer LKAB and energy company Vattenfall, is developing a value chain for fossil-free iron and steelmaking. This innovative process replaces coking coal traditionally used for iron ore-based steelmaking with fossil-free electricity and hydrogen, virtually eliminating carbon dioxide emissions in steel production.


About BE Group

BE Group AB, listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange, is a trading and service company in steel, stainless steel, and aluminium. They offer efficient distribution and value-adding production services primarily to the construction and manufacturing industries. In 2022, the Group reported sales of SEK 6.9 billion and employed approximately 650 people, with Sweden and Finland as its largest markets.

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