Karolinska Institutet to confer Honorary Doctorates to Two Distinguished Individuals

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Karolinska Institutet, a world-renowned medical university in Stockholm, Sweden, has announced that it will confer honorary doctorates to two individuals for their outstanding contributions to the field of medicine. The formal ceremony will take place at Stockholm City Hall on 12 May, as part of the doctoral conferment ceremony.


Pioneering Geriatric Medicine Specialist to Receive Honorary Doctorate


Dr. Wilhelmina Hoffman, CEO of Silviahemmet and the Swedish Dementia Centre, will be honored with an honorary doctorate of medicine from Karolinska Institutet. Dr. Hoffman is a specialist in geriatrics and has made significant contributions to the improvement of elderly care through evidence-based clinical practice. She has developed a comprehensive method for the care of the elderly that places the patient at the center of public health interventions. Her efforts have opened up new collaborative channels between universities, particularly KI, and healthcare at primary, specialized environments, and nursing homes.


A key player in the dissemination of the latest information on dementia and dementia care, Dr. Hoffman draws inspiration from her years of clinical experience in geriatrics. Her contributions to the training of clinical personnel and implementation of evidence-based clinical practice have led to significant improvements in elderly care. Through the evidence-based care program initially offered to nursing auxiliaries and nurses at Stiftelsen Silviahemmet, the program has since been extended to a Master’s degree in dementia care for doctors, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists. She has also started a new dementia program for dentists, dental hygienists, speech therapists, and audiologists in association with KI.


Economist and Engineer to Receive Honorary Doctorate in Medicine


Karolinska Institutet will also confer an honorary doctorate in medicine to economist and engineer, Fredrik Lundberg. Lundberg has shown a deep interest in education at KI and has made significant contributions to cardiovascular research specializing in diseases of the aortic valve and ascending aorta. His financial contributions to the multidisciplinary, translation research project on these diseases have been crucial. He has also shown personal interest in education at KI and actively participates in the annual Lundberg Symposium.


The research project on cardiovascular diseases has involved a group of 50 researchers and doctors from various departments at KI. The results have been presented at national and international meetings, conferences, and workshops, leading to several major international collaborations. With Lundberg’s recurring support, many scientific papers have been published, and the scientific results generated have benefited patients through reforming preoperative investigations and surgical strategies and developing gentler and more targeted follow-up programs.




Karolinska Institutet has a long history of recognizing the achievements of distinguished individuals in the field of medicine. The honorary doctorates conferred on Dr. Wilhelmina Hoffman and Fredrik Lundberg are a testament to their significant contributions to the advancement of research and development in the field of medicine. Their contributions to the improvement of elderly care and cardiovascular research will continue to impact patients positively.

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