Veg of Lund Expands Reach into German Market with CCP AG Partnership

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Veg of Lund, a European-based food and beverage company, has recently announced its expansion into the German market through a distributor business model in line with its updated commercial strategy. The company has partnered with Regional partner CCP AG, a well-established food company in Germany, to bring its European patented DUG potato drink to food manufacturing, cafes, and retail chains across the country.

New Business Model

Starting immediately, CCP AG will form a division to introduce DUG potato drink to the German market. The agreement with CCP AG marks the beginning of Veg of Lund’s updated business model where distributor and license partnerships will be the cornerstone for the company’s growth moving forward. CEO of Veg of Lund, Fredrik Carling, expressed excitement about having experienced and dedicated resources on the ground in Germany.

A Glimpse into CCP AG

CCP AG was founded in 2004 and initially marketed and sold imported chili peppers from South Africa. Over the years, the company has grown in reach and product portfolio, addressing the food industry, retail, and catering across Germany, including brands and quality products in the vegetarian segment. CCP AG is based in Kleinosheim near Frankfurt and will now focus on the introduction of DUG potato drink.

The Revolutionary DUG Potato Drink

DUG Potato drink is a sustainable and regional alternative to other plant-based milk products. It convinces with its well-balanced combination of taste and creaminess, making it the answer to all the questions that other plant-based milk alternatives have left unanswered. Sales & Marketing Director at CCP AG, Hanna Koglin, expressed delight in having gained an innovative partner in Veg of Lund and being able to launch their products in Germany following their successful introduction in Sweden and the UK.


In conclusion, Veg of Lund’s partnership with CCP AG marks a significant step in the company’s expansion into the German market and solidifies its commitment to growth through distributor and license partnerships. With the introduction of DUG potato drink, consumers in Germany can now enjoy a sustainable and tasty alternative to traditional plant-based milk products.

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