Fortum Battery Recycling and AMG Lithium Collaborate to Revolutionize European Battery Recycling Industry

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A Groundbreaking Partnership for Lithium Recycling


In a significant development for the European battery recycling industry, Fortum Battery Recycling Oy and AMG Lithium GmbH have forged a groundbreaking partnership. The two companies have recently signed a memorandum of understanding and entered into a preliminary agreement to revolutionize the recycling of lithium salts, focusing on refining them into battery-grade lithium hydroxide. This collaboration holds the potential to drive the industry towards a more sustainable future, reduce carbon footprints, and establish a closed-loop solution for the automotive and battery sectors.


Fortum Battery Recycling and AMG Lithium’s Shared Vision for Sustainability


Fortum Battery Recycling, driven by its commitment to sustainability and minimizing carbon footprints, sought a partner that shared its vision for the future. With the cooperation of AMG Lithium, a subsidiary of AMG Critical Materials, this shared commitment has found a new dimension. The partnership signifies a strong endorsement of Fortum’s recently opened hydrometallurgical recycling plant in Harjavalta, Finland, emphasizing the increasing demand for recycled battery materials and the need for efficient and sustainable solutions. Fortum’s Head for Battery business line, Tero Holländer, expresses his enthusiasm for the project, recognizing AMG Lithium’s alignment with Fortum’s core values.


Establishing a European Closed-Loop Solution


The newly established commercial-scale hydrometallurgical plant in Harjavalta, operated by Fortum, is a vital component of the envisioned closed-loop solution for the European battery recycling industry. This plant is equipped to recover valuable metals from old lithium-ion batteries found in electric vehicles while also recycling various waste fractions generated throughout the battery supply chain. According to the memorandum of understanding, the lithium product extracted by Fortum will be transported to AMG Lithium’s production plant in Bitterfeld, Germany, where it will undergo further processing.


Strengthening the Battery Recycling Chain


The collaborative efforts of Fortum Battery Recycling and AMG Lithium aim to enhance the entire battery recycling chain, ultimately reducing Europe’s dependency on raw material imports. This ambitious endeavor seeks to de-carbonize the lithium supply chain and improve the battery recycling process throughout Europe. Dr. Stefan Scherer, the CEO of AMG Lithium GmbH, highlights the significance of this partnership in establishing an independent and sustainable lithium supply chain for Europe. The collective dedication of both companies paves the way for a brighter and more eco-friendly future.


Pioneering a Sustainable Future


The collaboration between Fortum Battery Recycling and AMG Lithium represents a monumental step forward in the battery recycling industry, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. By repurposing lithium salts and transforming them into battery-grade lithium hydroxide, the partnership addresses the critical need for recycling battery materials efficiently. Furthermore, reducing the CO2 footprint associated with the battery industry will play a crucial role in mitigating the environmental impact of this rapidly growing sector.


The Road Ahead


As the partnership between Fortum Battery Recycling and AMG Lithium progresses, the focus on sustainable lithium recycling and the establishment of a closed-loop solution will continue to reshape the European battery industry. With a united commitment to reducing carbon footprints and promoting environmentally responsible practices, the collaboration holds the potential to revolutionize the way batteries are recycled, setting new industry standards and inspiring other companies to follow suit.

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